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Diagonal diagonal | 3rd February 2016 to 27th February 2016
There is an infinite number of ways one can bind, stitch, fold or compress cloth for shibori, resulting in very different patterns.
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Yellow yellow | 3rd December 2015 to 23rd January 2016
Yellow is the colour theme of Barometer's annual end of year show. Selected artists and craftspeople will sum up 2015 with yellow and yellowish work bringing a bright and positive note to the year end.
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Here and There here and there | 4th November 2015 to 28th November 2015
Here and There is a group exhibition by three professional textile artists – Julie Ryder, Sharon Peoples and Barbara Rogers - that responds to the concept of time and place – of being in one geographical location whilst making work about a distant other.
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Turning Circles turning circles | 6th October 2015 to 29th October 2015
Dyed. Stitched. Un-dyed. Re-stitched. Re-dyed.  Textiles by Barbara Rogers.
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Craft craft | 9th September 2015 to 3rd October 2015
craft! will be the first exhibition in a series looking at craft and making. Craft has many meanings from implying fine quality, to hand-made, to being contrasted with art. Most of the ‘craft’ practices of today have long, rich, social and cultural histories in human civilization.
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