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Natural Wonders natural wonders | 22nd October 2014 to 9th November 2014
Natural Wonders is a mixed media exhibition consisting of works on paper and naturally dyed and stitched textiles derived and inspired by organic materials drawn and collected from sites that hold personal significance for the artist.
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natura naturans natura naturans | 27th September 2014 to 11th October 2014
This exhibition by Rowan Conroy features photographic cloud works that were made during the New South Wales firestorms of 17 October 2013.
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Response response | 28th August 2014 to 21st September 2014
Work in metal, paper & fabric by Valerie Odewahn, Catherine Rogers and Barbara Rogers

Open by appointment
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SCARF n. scarf n. | 24th July 2014 to 24th August 2014
A piece of fabric worn around the neck, shoulders and sometimes the head for warmth or decoration. Usually long and narrow, triangular or square. With pattern or plain, knitted, woven, felted or crocheted.
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Shadows shadows | 2nd July 2014 to 19th July 2014
Kathleen Berney, Liz Gemmell, Beth Hatton, Irene Manion and Barbara Rogers look at shadows in relation to their ongoing explorations of environmental issues, abstraction through geometric pattern and innovative garment design.
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