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Compositions compositions | 10th August 2016 to 3rd September 2016
Barbara Rogers presents a contemporary approach to Japanese resist textiles.
Open Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 5pm, or by appointment.
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WHITE white | 7th September 2016 to 18th September 2016
An exploration of non-colour by seven recent graduates of Sydney’s National Art School: Kirsten Drewes, Jan Handel, Emma Kirby, Michelle Le Dain, Melinda Marshman, Elizabeth Rankin and Helen Redmond.

White is the achromatic, the colour without a hue. It is the light produced by the streaming of the spectrum of colours – the nothing produced by the all.
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Seven WEEKS Seven Exhibitions seven weeks seven exhibitions | 15th June 2016 to 6th August 2016
Seven Weeks Seven Artists features new work by Arthere Artists including Chris Round, Nancy Trieu, Niki Gudex, Julie Williams, Zorica Purlija, Catherine Cloran. It also includes two artists not yet associated with Arthere, Sarah Ducker and Anne Lynam.
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DETAILS FROM THE WORLD details from the world | 4th May 2016 to 11th June 2016
Catherine Rogers presents new photographic work in black and white (or close to).
New and old worlds photographed - details of time past and time present.
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Something we do something we do | 2nd March 2016 to 30th April 2016
Something we do is a collaboration between Barbara Rogers, a textile artist, and Catherine Rogers, a photographer.
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